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Is someone can give me reference on them please ???
We did business with them 3 years ago and they take 180 days to pay me. Maybe they change there way to do now. They have a load for me but i'm not sure:confused:


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Journey has been up and down for many years - we have cut them off - brought them back - cut them again. The last load we did for them was May 5 - $1900. They paid June 27. The payable contact I have is Kathy ext#3107 who is alot better than Fran - the last one they had. They average 64 days in our system - that number is reflected thru the good...and bad times with them.
Any recent info on these people?

Journey Freight
1869 32ND AVENUE
Lachine, Quebec

Invoice reaching 100 days this week and getting the "cheque's in the mail" story. Oh, and sadly, our dispatchers are trying to decide if we will take another load...


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They have definately been getting slower...we pickup our check every 65 days or so, but we have to call every time, and wait about a week for 'signature'...

Did you receive payment yet? Our dispatcher is inquiring and we currently have 3 invoices with them
Invoice dated February 9 -- cheque recieved on April 19.

Not ideal but about as slow as many others. I did not have to spend any time chasing them, just a single phone call and cheque was received about 10 days later.
Just saved some hassles. We deal with a factoring company that allows you to check credit and if they won't buy invoices from someone, it will tell you "do not buy". Journey came back "do not buy". If a factoring company won't deal with them, we sure as hell won't.
I noticed they have 2 numbered companies as well. We have invoices from March we are trying to collect, made the phone call, rec'd a cheque number, and sent purolator to do the pick up. And lo and behold, guess there was no envelope to pick up..figures. We are going to the shipper and consignee for payment.
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Just seen this thread and just finished doing a load for Journey and invoice is dated Oct 4/11. Now I'm worried...

Sent an email to Kathy and she says that "Payment will be issued the week of Nov 21/2011". I replied that our terms were 30 days and payment must be rec'd within terms.

I then get a reply from Johnny Mastandrea, Controller that says "We try and paid all our carriers at 30 days , but it could extend to 45 days

If we can we will process for next week and mail your check , but it will more likely be around the 45 day range

Thanking you on this matter".

God I hate chasing money...


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I would pin down the date of the check's signature and send in purolator, it's worth the $30.00.

The last two times I drove by for a check the dates were both postponed.
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We also deal with Journey - who has been "up and down" with payment issues for years. This is how I deal with them.

Our dispatch books a load - I have a note on their account to inform me of all bookings. When Journey has 2 loads - they are removed in our system. If anymore loads come in - the account is "flagged" - I need to check their account balance. If they are overdue - I tell their dispatch to have A/P call me directly. And they always do - to get their next load going.

And payment MUST be received before this new load delivers - this way they are always current or no more than 2 loads owing.

If you keep customers on this "system" -they get used to knowing if their dispatch faxes/calls in a load - their account better be up to date or they will need to speak to receivables and/or their load will go nowhere...

We have had no issues with Journey since....

Just my 2 cents....
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and this guy was giving out crazy low rates to a client of mine, never thought he'd get them done for such a cheap price, guess they got done but not paid.
Payment update

Just noticed I haven't updated the payment trend on these guys.
Invoice - Oct 4/11
Payment Rec'd - Nov 29/11
57 days including mail. Not great but got paid. In the end, that's what matters I guess. Will be extremely careful if we do business with them again...


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I also have one client that uses them. At their rates, I have no idea how they're profitable ... even though the lanes they're doing are ones that are surplus capacity. Guess guys must be desperate to fill their trucks.


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I also have one client that uses them. At their rates, I have no idea how they're profitable ... even though the lanes they're doing are ones that are surplus capacity. Guess guys must be desperate to fill their trucks.
hope for them they are following the new standards for carrier selection and don't have an accident the CH way and cause a huge lawsuit!


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It's really hard to say. But the rate they are quoting out, I can't even get it on our own trucks for that rate. And our fleet guy begs me for freight on the lane every day.


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