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Two shipments with her in the past two months (and they were ugly ones if I do say).

No issues and all. Very fair with the wait time that was incurred.

Paperwork matches (not double brokered).

I'd use them again.
Their phones were not working today so they had me a bit worried. They ended up picking up our shipment so it all worked out.

Sorry about that,, we changed over to voip phones ( HUGE MISTAKE)
the friggen lines cut out - or don't ring at all -- plays a message that we are closed - when infact we are open.
sometimes it gets tired of a conversation and drops the line in the middle of it.

worst company ever to deal with GLOBEX TELECOM ... total crap.
Any update on this broker? Have invoices over 100 days old now

Les Enterprises Jessen Inc
3626 Poirier Blvd
Saint Laurent, PQ

no one replying to our emails
Any one have information on who the trustee might be for these guys? Not that anyone will see a dime, but nice to get your name on the list.


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