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3 rd carrier in as many weeks.

This is the 3 rd time in as many weeks, whereas i have had a carrier invoice me, and either refuse to provide me/ or claim they do not have a WSIB number.
If an actual carrier has employees and trucks, don't they have to carry WSIB?
One should be asking for WSIB before confirming the load to the carrier. That's the normal procedure as far as I know. We always attach WSIB papers with the rest of the running authorities when ever dealing with a new broker. Just my opinion. Happy Friday.
Two of my carriers, including Jaguar MFG. , did provide a WSIB document . However when i went to verify, they were not eligible. The 3 rd carrier , no WSIB document was provided . I didn't catch that. I did contact the carrier and request the clearance later, only to be told they do not carry WSIB but some other type of Insurance. I was not aware that WSIB was not a requirement for all businesses.


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They would need WSIB for the office but if they had owner operators only then they would not be covered (office still would). The bigger problem is "Driver Inc" where they drive company trucks but bill their services to the company and avoid all the taxes including WSIB which is becoming an issue because if they get hurt on your property and you have WSIB then you could be responsible for them.


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