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Beware! Typical yes yes yes then too bad carrier.

Told them what the job needed, they gave me the rate they wanted. I didn't haggle them at all, needed to get the job done.
4 hours later, when they should be delivering, I get an email saying can the shipper wait until 4:30 to load.
How the heck are you going to deliver by 5pm if you're picking up at 4:30 and have a 4 hour drive to do?!?

And the ever loving response: Well the you should have told me this was going to transfer.
What friking difference does it make why it needs to be delivered by 5pm??? It needs to be there by 5pm, it should not matter if the damn clown wants to tie a balloon to the skid or the if the president himself want to see it. You agreed to do a job just do the job and advise if there's an issue when it happens, not when it's too late to do anything about it!

I hate these kind of business people.


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Kicked a load back to me today at 12:30 knowing shipper closes at 2:30 with a lame excuse but thanks to JNS I was ready for the service failure.
we've had a 50/ 50 experience with them. Some loads went smooth and a few fell off the rails. Not to be used for important shipments, but LTL with a little lee-way , they are good for

mad dog

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phoned me after the fact that driver had to use a handjack , please send $ 50 , I told him to bill me and then please lose my number


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