Iron Apple???

I am looking for feedback regarding Iron Apple and the services they provide... can anyone help me??
Should my company buy into this? Is it a scam or something legit?
If you are using Iron Apple or have heard anything about them - can you please give me some feedback because I'm not sure how to proceed with their proposition.

Thanks in advance!
Iron Apple was "Kazar" they changed names, we are in the same boat, back 2003 or 2005 can't remember attended seminar from them hosted by OTA in regards to HACCP. If you transport food you will have to be HACCP certified! 10 + years later we are still not! We have alot of food manufacturing companys, I have contacted a couple & they have not heard of this CFIA Reg. that they are promoting??? So we are doing a wait & see first. For that kind of money & paperwork we will wait. "just my 2 cents" take it for what its worth (maybe 5 cents)
Thanks dontgetit - appreciate the feedback! We are not sure how serious this motion is and it is costly. OTA promotes this program but is limited in providing information about it... not very helpful.
I disagree not fear mongering. The reg is on the CFIA web site, it is there! But?? our customers don't even know about it, don't seemed to be worried about it?? And it only applies to transport of food products internationally. My thinking is (I need to stop thinking, gets me into trouble) if my customers are not aware or seem to care I am in no hurry to spend that kind of money. Iron Apple is simple selling a product.


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It is up to your customer to make sure they vet and approve the carriers that haul their product, they are the ones that have to prove to the inspectors that their carriers are up to snuff. You will not be inspected by the CFIA, I personally think they will teach you what is required and you in turn can approach new customers and show you have your ducks in a row as far as CFIA loads go.


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