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Have several invoices overdue , one 93 days old and Amber never returns a phone call. Their Legal name is 9348-7544 Quebec dba Interstate Carriers.
According to Safer, they only have one truck. I think they are double brokering loads. Not a 100% sure.
Accounts payable are never in the office.

Just beware of this carrier.
STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! They demanded payment in advance for a shipment that was guaranteed for team service. 3 weeks later we had to recover the shipment to make the final leg of the delivery. They double brokered our shipment and respond to requests for tracing with obsenities.
Just so everyone knows we booked a load prior to knowing this but they cancelled. Good thing. We billed them for a missed pick up and looks like we are in the same boat. Won't return calls, won't pick up when we call - called them using a different number and dispatcher Nikki picked up after some BS she told me to go F*** myself. Nice people to deal with!!


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I've edited your post.
It sounds like you had a negative experience. Lets perhaps leave it at that without including the 'graphic' details.

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We are having the same issues. 100% DNU. I have also caught them double brokering the same load that remains unpaid. Be sure to report them to Loadlink.


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is it just me or has there been a large resurgence in people wanting to do business with Quebec companies? We are of the same mind as before unless it has Transforce or Robert on the confirmation sheet don't bother sending it.

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Is it that, or is it a bunch of new entrants that simply don't know not to deal with Quebec based brokers unless they are well established, name-brand, brokers ???
Regardless, it does seem like there have been quite a few of the same themed posts lately.


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as someone put it so eloquently a few days ago - new entrants with a low threshold of business sophistication and a higher tendency to jump for a rate that sounds too good to be true, rather than working about whether it is revenue that can actually be collected.

Two truisms always hold true:
1. Revenue isn't revenue until the invoice is paid
2. Live by the Link, Die by the Link


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