International Freight in Motion..


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Has anyone had problems with collecting from this company. I'm waiting on payment from April!! :mad:

International Freight in Motion
91 Rylander Blvd
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Carter the piece of S _ _ t. Seems like he doesnt pay anyone. Call customers or put in collections do whatever you can do to make his life miserable.


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Phone is out of service, web site has vanished. I am an idiot for not checking here before I gave them $3600 in credit.


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Collect from the customer. Let them know the situation. Mention that you just discovered that this company has had a bad reputation for many years and now they have vanished into thin air.
The one in Puslinch is not affiliated with this. Different company all together. I made the call to Katherine Friday when I saw this as we had a load ongoing with her. She does not have International in the name of her company.

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I have the company from Scarborough on hold since 2013 when they took way too long to pay. We did one other load with a promise of payment in 30 days but that payment too was well over 90 days.


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