International Freight In Motion

Does anyone have any information on getting in touch with the above company.

I have them located at 91 Rylander Blvd., Unit 7-102, Toronto, Ontario.

Phone is 416-840-9310.

I have several invoices well over 64 days and when I call them, even pushing for dispatch, no anwer.

Any help woud be great.
I have just emails, accounting and dispatch. Our average with them is 134 days. Lot's of chasing for payment. I also notices that someone put this in our system: "Address is a retail plaza that has a UPS store in it …. broker authority is revoked".

Last payment was 2014-08-14 @ 84 days
Thank you both for the information.

Time to do Bill of Lading Act on their customers, payment will come fast then.

Thanks again.


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