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We are thinking of switching from years with Markel to Jevco, does anyone have an feedback on level of service on claims from Jevco. There is a large difference in price and I'm hesitant to change but the financial motivation is good.
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Talk to your broker Jevco is not Markel by far however if there's a substantial quote difference see if it makes your while to spend more time and money when handling claims. I would put it this way if your fleet is under 50 trucks and price difference is under 100 per truck I would stick with Markel (Northbridge). If over 100 need to seriously consider the switch...
I was with Jevco when they were Kingsway and enjoyed working with them and a lot of the people I dealt with stayed while the transistion happened. Although when Kingsway stopped handling truck insurance I went to Old Republic and they have treated me very well and their rates are great and you get good service with people who know their stuff. At least that is what I experience.


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