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We booked a load for $3,100Cdn with In House Freight. We had done some business with them before and hadn't had an issue, so when they sent the confirmation over in his customers name (All Gold Imports) at the same address as In House Freight I called to find out why the bill to wasn't In House Freight. I got a story about how In House does the auditing for them its just a formality, don't worry you will get paid. Here we are 100 days later and I'm starting to worry.............there was a skid that fell over but nothing was damaged. Now In House tells me there is a claim for $1,400 US, 100 days later when nothing was damaged they want to claim $1,400US from a $3,100 cdn invoice. No mention of any claim for 100 days................. now In House Freight tells me to call All Gold Imports for my money. If you are thinking of doing business with In House Freight.................beware make sure you aren't doing the load for Acme Company or it might blow up in your face too......meep meep!


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Well noted, thanks. Certainly seems atypical for In House, but their business model may lend itself to that response more likely than not.


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FYI.... In House Freight is in good standing with A&B Courier, they book freight daily with us, Client since 2006.

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How does the claim amount relate to the shipping cost Gord? Has the claim been paid out?
We haven't received a claim.......just the words over the phone late last week, and an e-mail last Thursday stating we are at fault for $1,400 US in damages. We didn't hear a word about any claim until the invoice was 100 days past due and we were about to put In House Freight into collections. Our collection people (Transcredit) wont collect from anyone that has a pending claim..............There is no basis for a claim, just a delay tactic from In House Freight and ALL Gold Imports (whoever they are)......


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All Gold Imports is an import export company that specializes in food product. They purchase the product over seas and sell and ship directly to the manufacturer of the foods.
Best bet is request a formal claim and when received discuss with your insurance agent. Even though the amount is probably less than your deductible they will be able to assist you with the legalities.


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In-House Freight isn't a broker -- they are a shipper's agent. It's a rare model and Avi has been doing this for probably 20 years at least.

All Gold would probably show In House's invoice because In-House audits and presents the invoices to the customer, carrier is paid directly and an agency fee is paid to In-House separately. Most shippers don't want this kind of arrangement nowadays but he's had his customers for a long time. This arrangement means less liability for him ... great if you can get away with it.


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