I'm looking for the confirmations on JBH Xpress not paid

I'm building a case against JBH Xpress I know where 11 trailers and 4 trucks are I'd like for anyone to send me the information of the loads that you did and didn't get paid for what I want to do is impound his equipment and auction it off and have everyone paid and for every American carrier that wasn't paid that's a three year Felony I'd like to have the little shit charged and sent to jail so if anyone could have my email is davidscharter@gmail.com
We all feel your pain, David. We have all been ripped off over the years. I don't think other members will be willing to send you over their unpaid invoices and carrier confirmations, though. Try to collect your money by contacting shippers, receivers, file for a judgement as Lowmiler stated ( but don't hold your hopes too high on getting paid). Don't hold on to your anger, though. Like I said, it has happened to us all.
Unless you have title, a lien, or they have given you the equipment as collateral I am pretty sure that stealing and selling someone's property is also a felony. Call a lawyer, either to assist in collecting or to assist in getting you out of jail.
What I'm looking for is unpaid confirmations to use against JBH Xpress to have his equipment impounded and auctioned off to help pay for the. Carriers and at the same time have him charged with Coercion and fraud


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David, as Chica said, we all feel your pain and pretty much everyone on this site has been stiffed by some deadbeat, at some point. However, gathering unpaid invoices and then getting his equipment impounded and sold off are light years apart. Your best bet would be to retain the services of a paralegal who specializes in transportation, Scam Chaser on this site would be a good start. If, after going to court you receive a judgement against this scoundrel, getting a writ of seizure and sale issued is still a long ways away and from my experience, the courts really don’t want the hassle of sending a sheriff out, moving the equipment around and then organizing a sale. By all means, gather all of the pertinent documents to support your claim of non payment and then work with an experienced paralegal. I think you will have a better chance of success with that approach.
When he was Bell and Bob transport I did that he still owes me 3000$ I had a paralegal that disappeared off the face of the planet and now I have to hire another one to handle this$4600. And the $3000. I was looking for some more evidence to use against him
So you know every person that you have worked for the past five years right even if the company has changed it's name five times I was asking if you had some information about loads that he didn't pay slow learner I can drive circles around your ass and pickup and delivery anywhere in North America legally


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