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Discussion in 'Payment Terms/Credit History' started by martinetav, Dec 15, 2016.

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  1. JOY555

    JOY555 New Member

    We haven't dealt with them since 2014, but were very good then. under 40 Days, no problems in past.
  2. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    Independent Transit Systems is full name. They have been around at least 25 years as that is the first time I remember seeing Al in a truck but he was probably around 20 years before that but I am speculating on the actual date they started.

    I live in the same town as them and consider them and the new owners friends. They are both upstanding families in the community that do a lot and give back in spades to local causes and charities.
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  3. martinetav

    martinetav Well-Known Member

    ThanX for the reply Rob. Appreciate it
  4. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    No issues ever . I have been dealing with Amanda and Diane for years. I do whatever I can for them whenever I can. The just sold the business to another local family that pays their bills also but they are keeping the name and company going as is.
  5. economy

    economy Member

    So far does not ring a bell our database does not show such entity. Do you have their full business name, perhaps MC #?
  6. martinetav

    martinetav Well-Known Member

    Anyone have any thing to say about I T SYSTEMS. They seem to be out of Burgessville, ON
    Phone number is 519-424-2033. We are looking to pick up a small ltl for them tomorrow but I thought I'd check thing out here anyway .
    Independent Transit Systems out of Norwich, ON
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