How about a new forum on "Technology"

Michael Ludwig

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How about creating a new forum on technology. I am sure there is lots of new tech stuff out there that we would all like to know about.
I, for one, would like to know how is everyome doing on the fuel mileage grid? Who is using what engines and drive trains, and how are the benefitting the bottom line?
CNG dual-fuel. I am converting Diesel engines to a 50/50 blend and spraying CNG into the intake plenum with a mixer to replace the diesel that we are taking away. 50% less fuel used, but replaced by CNG @ 50 cents per DLE retail.... (diesel Litre equivalent) if you put your own slow/fast fill compression station in at your house or yard, you can fill your truck just like your bbq by plugging it into your gas line. By doing this your DLE (diesel litre equivalent) comes down around 21-27 c/litre. depending on fuel consumption before conversion, you look at anywhere from a 10K-30K per year savings.


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