Heartland Transport in Langley BC *AVOID AT ALL COST*

Never in my entire career I have been so bull***ed...

I had a rush mining equipment to pick in Lab city to go to northern BC. I picked it up with my own equipment and got a call from this company saying they can take it from my dock in Montreal friday morning and deliver to BC tuesday. I told them this was a very hot load and it had to be there on tuesday without fail.

Monday morning usual, call to trace the truck. Dispatcher was not able to tell me where the truck is! She told me he's somewhere between sudbury and north bay and that he'll be in BC only thursday!?

Tuesday, some more bull****

Wednesday, the truck is only in winnipeg! Asked her if this was her own truck, OF COURSE IT IS! what a silly question!

Thursday AM, Truck is in Edmonton! My customer is pissed off and ask the freight to be dropped at their head office in Edmonton so they can hot shot this with another carrier. Called heartland back ... she said the truck is 2 hours past edmonton (but 5 minutes ago he was in Edmonton). I tried to explained the situation and she never wanted to turn the truck around saying he will be at destination around 8:00 pm tonight and hung up on me.
Took the arragement with the receiver for a delivery thursday night and aske heartland for the driver's phone number since this is an after hour thing. Of course, it's again their company policy to give driver's phone number...

Thursday evening, customer received a call from ROADMAN TRANSPORT saying that he's in Acheson, AB and will be in BC only friday morning and that nobody told him this was rush!

Do yourself a favor! stay far far away from those guys!


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umm very good to know, wasn't aware that Heartland was double brokering freight.... can anyone confirm, as we do utilize them for flatbed and step deck loads westbound.


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We also use Heartland regularly. I can confirm that on all my pickups that it is a Heartland truck. I have not had any service issues with Heartland.
Terrible first impression - part-lotted one of our shipments - 45' flat bed shipments, to ensure maximum revenue on two (2) OB Trailers. Needless to say, the 2nd unit arrived 4 days late, missing a crane appointment at costs. Communication was extremely weak through Parm, but did offer to discount payable to offset Consignee cost. Will move forward w/ this Vendor, but only on non "time-sensitive" deliveries.
It was indeed a heartland truck who picked up in my yard. They must have crossed dock it somewhere in ontario because that's where they had ''trouble reaching their driver... '' I have no issues working with carriers using agents at some point but I can't stand all the lies, the false ETA's and the way they refused working with me dropping this thing in edmonton when it was standing there for a whole day.

There is way better options to move freight in the west. Don't encourage company with this kind of work ethic.
Here is an update on Heartland Transport. Terrible communication and service. Why would it take a team two days to go from Lethbridge AB to Grande Prairie AB? excuse after excuse after excuse, they are never wrong and are self proclaimed a toptier carrier. These guys will never change how they conduct business so DNU! Best to always tell them the load is booked when they call on one of your post, even if its not booked.
Same experience here with Heartland. Booked team to p/u in ON for Sunday delivery in SK. Single driver loaded same morning and made Sunday delivery. Heartland delivered TUES am and then couldn't figure out why I would short pay them for "team" rate? Sadly, I gave this load to them as I was stuck. Burnt me before but I thought to give them another chance. NEVER AGAIN!


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