Hazard Prevention Program

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It was brought to my attention that Labor Canada is going to launch an audit of "carriers" to ensure that each "carrier" has a HAZARD PREVENTION PROGRAM GUIDE in place. As most of us already have in place compliance and safety training programs that meet or exceed the requirements, Canada Labor - HRSDC apparently will be ensuring that we also have this particular item in place. I was a little confused as our training videos, phamlets, on site courses already go in depth with what is a hazard and how to prevent a hazard. Apparently this is not going to be sufficient? Does anyone have any further insite to this?


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Just got this info. I was advised that, in February 2012, MOL inspectors will be looking for hazards involving ergonomics and manual material handling that can lead to musculoskeletal injuries.

Straight from the horses mouth - the Ministry of Labour


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