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I received the below email about a year ago. Maybe Karm can help with contacts...

Karm Dhaliwal

Director of Operations,

M Jeet Transport,

1593 Stevens St,

White Rock, BC.

Subject: Announcing business split from Habib Trucking and introducing M Jeet Transport

Dear Valued Customers

We are pleased to inform that we have split Habib Trucking into two separate business entities. The prime reason for separation is to provide dedicated service that allow us to extend our fleet and business operations. I held half shares and business in Habib Trucking. As a result of business separation, I have assumed the sole ownership of M Jeet Transport. Although Habib Trucking will continue to provide same service, but through M Jeet Transport, we will extend our business operations and fleet. For instance, M Jeet Transport will provide transport services to US and will also haul oversized loads. Importantly, I can assure you that through M Jeet Transport, we will provide you the best service at competitive rates.

Please contact me directly at karm@mjtrans.ca or at my cell 604-446-4345. Our dispatcher, Paneet, can be contacted at dispatch@mjtrans.ca, at our company phone 604-560-4044 or fax 604-560-4040.

Please see attached company package. Feel free to call or email if you have any questions. Looking forward to your business.


Karm Dhaliwal


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