Great White North Trucking

does anyone have any input on Great White North Trucking?
Contact is Lary, phone 905-497-3110.
Sas called today for "any loads in Canada" so that they can "pre-book their trucks" before Christmas.
Basically anything and everything. My concern is that just before Christmas, you don't have to look for freight, because it comes to you. January... maybe I'd believe it. Otherwise there wasn't much in terms of where their trucks would be or what freight exactly they were looking for. The Phone # matches a home address on Ungava Bay Rd. Brampton. The phone number also does not bring up any active carriers on

Anyone else?
Great White North... double and triple broker their loads...cannot get payment for shipments we did for them. STAY away from them!
Thanks for the heads up Tammy. We have done one load with them and have been paid for said load. Hopefully it works out for you in the long run.
I didn't provide originals at first but once I realized the contract asked for it I immediately sent to them via purolator.
After I sent the original I was paid in 38 days, which is not ideal but better than others I have dealt with and are currently dealing with.


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did you get paid? Also, I've heard they are going to sue a trucking company that gave them a bad review on Insiders and will not pay them..

LOL and what name are they going to put on the paperwork Injun?? as that is the only bad review I see saying he caught them double brokering a load. It it is true they should not get paid because it sounds like the real broker caught them in time and paid the real carrier. I would not pay either.

PS Do what you say, when you say it, how you say it and people make think whatever they want but they will still give you work long before some of the shall we say shadier guys out there. We all have issues and overbook at times but be straight up with the broker on it don't try and doublebroker it.


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