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GPS tracking

Discussion in 'Business Strategy' started by MikeJr, Aug 12, 2016.

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  1. bubba-one

    bubba-one Site Supporter

    I think trackimo only has 4 day battery life, not much good on longer runs
  2. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    The battery operated one I would think would be a problem on a dry van load in the winter. Battery life would be too short if it is real cold out.
  3. theman

    theman Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure it was CloudHawk that I saw somewhere.
  4. thebluffs1

    thebluffs1 Site Supporter

    cloudhawk has a fantastic solution that we've used with excellent results
  5. MikeJr

    MikeJr Moderator Staff Member

    They look cool. I'll keep them in the final cut.

    Thanks for your help.
  6. truck05

    truck05 Member

    Trackimo, battery operated "slap and track" unit. Never used them personally but did check out there booth at Truck World and do know a few who use it with good results
  7. bull958

    bull958 Site Supporter

    Pretty sure you're talking about RFID tags or a variation of.
  8. MikeJr

    MikeJr Moderator Staff Member

    I hear ya, I've got a few clients that put those on heated (keep from freeze, or maintain above) loads to ensure the food or chemical in transit that requires protection receives the temp they need. BUt they can only read the results after delivery rather than 'location in transit'.

    Tons of great stuff online, just so many to choose from.

    Keep well,
  9. theman

    theman Well-Known Member

    Mike, I've heard of these. The usage I've heard of until now has been for perishables such as produce. Instead of using the Ryan recorders, there is a little black box that is covertly hidden somewhere in the freight and it's designed to let the owner of the freight on board if the temp has gone out of range, or if there has been a breach in the trailer. The unit then gets sent back to its owner and flows.

    For a fleet like ours it doesn't matter because the units are in every piece of equipment we have so if one of our reefers has a problem, operations is notified, and the driver is notified to take action if it's on the road. The ones on the equipment itself are smarter because they actually know when a door has opened or closed. BUT, because most of the produce loads out there are hauled by small operations usually without tracking, it's useful in the perishables industry.

    I hear that it's also used in pharmaceuticals.
  10. MikeJr

    MikeJr Moderator Staff Member

    Happy Friday,

    I've got a client interested in placing GPS trackers in their shipments so they can keep an eye on them. I know there are a few threads about units to be installed in trucks, those of course will not do in this case I think. They want to hide the trackers in the shipments themselves.

    Of course I've found a bunch of them online but does anyone have any feedback to help me narrow this down?

    Keep cool,

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