GP North America, Groves and Partners, Barry Groves

Any of these sound familiar? they have been calling our office for years and emailing, each year a new corporate but same guy, Barry. Asks our staff one by one if they are looking for a job or if their colleague is, focuses also no sales reps in past.

currently googled him to match address:
1401 Daniel Creek Rd, Mississauga, ON L5V 1V3

and what a surprise ... its a house! If only people knew...

signed... Annoyed.
Pretty sure its the same guy who called me at work one time last year, I thought he was pretty ballsy to call the company I work for to offer me a job lol

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Like the driver recruiter who, years ago, set up in Schneider's parking lot in Aberfoyle.. ballsy or dumb.. or maybe a good dose of both. I don't think he recruited anyone before he was removed from their premises.

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Still though.. he's a crimp on YOUR productivity if he's calling on YOUR staff who are being compensated by YOU while they're taking his calls at YOUR office. If that's what he's doing then he deserves to have his balls cut off despite his face.


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