good payers

Well there is a list of good payers. Where is this list? Oh I get it - that is the list.

The companies listed here you guys are unsure of good or not? It not a very big list - can anyone add anymore?
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Two things:

On sites that give reviews, the ones giving a bad review are far more likely to write.

If I like doing business with someone, I want more of it ... I'm not going to give away my goodie bag.

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I do a search on this site if I am concerned about a particular payer. If I don't see the particular payer on this site it must be that they're ok. There are enough people on this site contributing information that even a couple bad experiences will show up.

There is no need to post the good payers. Circumstances change and they could become poor payers very quickly. When a poor payer fixes their problems, they get praise on this site.

Remember there are more good guys still out there than bad guys -we just remember the bad guys... :(


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