Good old days


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You mean, threading your way through his office on Spadina Ave. that was always piled from floor to ceiling with boxes? Waiting for him to get off the phone saying constantly, "wait - don't go" to whoever was calling on the other line? That's a trip down memory lane, though not what you'd call a pleasure trip!

A long time since I heard that name but anyone would agree he WAS a character. Recall going there to collect money too. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


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I don't know how he ever found time to get new clients but he always had lot's of freight and he wrote it all down on his desk calender. He had a filing system only he could understand. It was always a real trip visting his office...drivers lined up on the stairs waiting for loads. He was a true of the originals.


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Even though his office contained truckloads of documents he always knew exactly where everything was. But the smell was terrible!!!!


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Memory lane collecting

Last time I went to collect had to call from pay phone across the street he looks out the window from upstairs, say ok come on over, get buzzed into building and go upstairs to his door he opens it a crack hands me a piece of paper and say take this to the bank next door. Piece of paper has some scribble on it that I can't read and I'am feeling stupid but do as he instructs, Give piece of paper to teller at bank and she gives me the correct amount in cash. I figure he had to have called her to get the amount right. Definately a different way of doing business back then, and how long could you stay on hold standing in a cold pay phone in the middle of winter.

The man is doing fine but has moved uptown. He's at Spadina and Bloor now. Office is the same just different location. When he was at Spadina and King you used to be able to go inside lol. I still haul the occasional load for him and have a tea with lemon for him. He is one of a kind and a pioneer in his field. I for one will miss him when he's gone.
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