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Good Carriers out there

Discussion in 'Preferred Carrier' started by Dunkscd, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. StartekSt

    StartekSt New Member

    I've used one company couple times when I needed greater T.O area for mostly reefer stuff. It's Cargo County or Cargo Country (one of those names).They got a place down in Brampton. Hired em' for FTLs from California. Had daily updates and on-time picks/drops.

    Reputable I'd say, good little family run operation.

    - S.S
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  2. Dunkscd

    Dunkscd Member

    I have not used F1 and Highlight in a while, but from my past experience yes they were great and Wiebe has done a few LTL shipments for me and did a good job as well. I deal with Will over there and he is on the ball.
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  3. PackRat

    PackRat Site Supporter

    Yes...and a couple more are:

    F1 Freight
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  4. Dunkscd

    Dunkscd Member

    Since there is so much negative talk going around I would like to mention the names of a few GREAT carriers who I have been working with and have done an amazing job for me.

    Air route Brampton office
    Danville Transport
    KJS Transport
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