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We have them in Concord on Bowes Rd. Demitre and Carlos. Have used them sparingly over the last few years. We do have a record from quite awhile ago about them not being truthful with delivery times. Nothing good or bad that's current.


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I know them personally actually. My old place didn't like to use them because they had a rep of taking freight and giving it back.

I believe this is behind them though.


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I have to agree with TheMan, partially anyway. They do have quite a reputation for cancelling loads last minute. Don't know if they have changed, not really going to find out.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me"

I guess that's just what happens when you book three separate loads for each truck, and then just cancel the least attractive ones at the last minute...
Has anyone ever heard of G N Transport ?? Good/bad otherwise ??
You have to be able to read between the lines when you speak to dispatch at GN. I only give them freight when there is no real hurry for delivery, and I use them sparingly as they do like to drop the ball back in your lap at the last minute with no excuses or reasons. I can understand if there are reasons, but "we just can't do the load" is not a good enough reason once you take a load...
Here's another tidbit on this company... Apparently they have a conditional CVOR which means they could be on the verge of a major catastrophe or a major audit. Either way, looks like the end may be near...

CVOR or RIN # 134427314
Carrier Registered/Operating as G.N. TRANSPORT LTD.
Operator Type - FOR HIRE
Safety Rating - CONDITIONAL

Found this on MTO's website here: https://www.cvor.rus.mto.gov.on.ca/scripts/CSR-Order.asp

There is only one rating that is worse than "CONDITIONAL" and that is "UNSATISFACTORY". When you get to that point they can do any of plate seizure, suspension or cancellation.

Pretty dangerous place to have your freight on one of those trucks in my opinion...:eek:


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To be fair to GN they could have just gone through an audit which put them conditional and are working there way out. I do not know these people but to say they are on the brink of disaster based on those facts could be a little misleading.
Sure, but if you've got a choice between a carrier who has a satisfactory rating and one who has a conditional rating, guess who is the safer bet.

Also, if their rating is a result of a bad audit, then I would guess that means the MTO found several problems during the audit. They may not go under at all, they may remain conditional for years, or they may get their act together and dig their way out of the hole... But for now, they appear to have some safety issues and it's best for us all to keep our risk to a minimum.
GN Transport - Victor

Gave him freight which he failed to pick up 2 days in a row and the 3rd day he called me 5 x swearing he would be there. He did arrive on the third day and loaded, left the customer when he called to say the dimensions were 10 ft longer than I stated and looking for more money.

I have to agree I wouldn't trust him with critical freight with timed deliveries.

UPDATE: Victor had the freight back in Canada before he called to inform me the load had a 3" overhang making it a wide load regardless of running my freight back into Canada without permits. He was hinting at additional monies but I refused to budge once it was already back into Canada.

NOTE: Victor also finds freight under the name AAA Safe Service on load link
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I must say that even though I have a loose personal connection with them, I've tried to work with them and found them to be less than an ideal partner. If freight is critical, they're not the ones you want on it.


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I did end up giving Viktor some freight. Got there as promised but since he is a pain to deal with he is on my "D" list. Hearing the other experiences I think he will make my DNU list!
Used them twice so far this month. No issues, great communication with dispatch on 2 flatbed loads where we needed them on site at specific times so that our crane could transload some steel coils onto their flatbed. Will use again,


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