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Fusion Logistics Network Inc.

Discussion in 'Payment Terms/Credit History' started by fechner, May 2, 2013.

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  1. htcollections

    htcollections Active Member

    Usually pays within 60 days. Must remind.
  2. Igor Galanter

    Igor Galanter Active Member

    You're welcome JC!!
    Which reminds me I have to remind him, eh...
  3. jonny-chicken

    jonny-chicken Site Supporter

    Thank you very much sir!
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  4. Igor Galanter

    Igor Galanter Active Member

    Gabe is a very busy man!
    Although he likes to be reminded..
    One thing I know- you will get paid.
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  5. jonny-chicken

    jonny-chicken Site Supporter

    Getting the old 'call us back in 3 weeks' when we sought payment status for invoice that is just over 30 days...

    Three weeks from now, it will be over 60 days.

    Anyone else with recent payment trends for Fusion?
  6. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    Really well that is interesting to know

  7. EricG

    EricG Site Supporter

    Gabe also runs Mr Flatbeds.
  8. bull958

    bull958 Site Supporter

    Two for August and one from Sept. Still waiting...
  9. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    Not a very re-assuring sign is it? Not sure what's worse.....the unpaid invoice or the frail excuse.
  10. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    Outstanding invoice since August 5th and just called they are too busy to deal with it today.
  11. fechner

    fechner Member

    I used to deal with Gabe all the time, he got slow to the point where I ended up at his door to collect. Always got paid before that, since the last i have not done anything for him.

    TRUCKMAN Member

    Last billed Nov/2012 took 85 days to DNU for us
  13. AccountsReceivable@DRC

    AccountsReceivable@DRC Moderator Staff Member

    Looking for an update on this original thread.

    Current trends/dealings would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    TRUCKMAN Member

    Thanks to all for the heads up. Much appreciated!
  15. Watchdog

    Watchdog Member

    Address: 19-13085 YONGE ST STE#411
    Postal: L4E0K2
    Tel: 416-907-9323
    Fax: 905-223-1342
    Average Days to Pay: 62

    Gabe varys with his payments up and down but you always get a straight answer from him.

    DIETCOKE Site Supporter

    Truckman if you do a search there is a thread started 2 weeks ago on Fusion.

    TRUCKMAN Member

    Address: 19-13085 Yonge St., Suite #411, Richmond Hill ON

    Can anyone advise how they pay regarding credit extended? Thanks for any feedback.

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