Fuel Purchasing Consortium

Is anyone here a member of or aware of a/any fuel purchasing consortiums? I'd really like to get the .20 cent per gallon the large fleets are getting instead of subsidizing them with my purchases.

We deal direct with Calgary, AB from Ontario

Telephone 866-266-3533, speak with Betty.

Nicest lady in the world, she.ll be very helpful to you.

Flying J has a great fuel program, or so I.ve heard.

There is an Ontario rep that called on us.

We haven.t investigated that program yet, but will soon.


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Flying J

Had used their programm 10 years ago. They simply gave us one penny per mile discount.
Was not worth the trouble trying to get the drivers to fule only at the J's , and we ran hard with 15 tractors.
Do not know if the present program is the same. WE were managed by a chap aout of Binghampton NY of all places!!


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