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FTL Toronto, ON to Jamesburg, NJ p/u tomorrow HELP!

Discussion in 'Truck/Freight Leads' started by TransAction, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. TransAction

    TransAction Active Member

    Paul at AMA just called me and saved the day! Thanks Paul!!!!!! FYI, I just emailed the dispatch....
  2. TransAction

    TransAction Active Member

    Hey guys, I really need help on a load that got dropped on us this morning. It's an FTL, 35,000 lbs. pick up TOMORROW, Dec 20th Scarborough, ON going to Jamesburg, NJ, with a 12pm (noon) delivery appointment on Wednesday Dec. 21st. We understand the noon appt. makes it tough and we are willing to pay whatever needed to get it done. Suggestions would be appreciated, if you would like to do it, call me asap at 647-258-4404 x 1.


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