Frontier Freightlines Inc

Anyone had any dealings with this company? We hired them to haul a shipment out West for us and they brokered it to another carrier. Requested Quickpay from us and has since not paid the other carrier.

Anyone know who the owner is?


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I had some issues with this man a couple of months ago. He seems to have disappeared but we received our payment. He was at a yard in Bolton in an old house. Very strange set up there. GO to the front door and knock. Don't go in though as the house is in very bad shape.


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Contact name was Linton
The yard address was 9441 Huntington in Kleinburg

Another address i had on file was 254 Dougall in Kleinburg.

I hope that helps you, i understand there are a few carriers searching for them.
Thanks for the reply. Linton was who I was dealing with as well, and when I asked to speak to the owner, I was given a cell # for someone at ATF Transport that denies he is the owner, and that he has no idea the owners name, but allowed Frontier to store trailers in his yard. From what I can tell, Frontier Freightlines has now closed up shop based on discussions with a load posting site that have since removed them from the database.


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