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Franchise Tax

Discussion in 'Starting a Trucking Business' started by Jim L, Feb 18, 2015.

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  1. Jim L

    Jim L Active Member

    Computer systems that are constantly being linked together and that generally leads to ways that the tax man can find you easier. Just think, you get an inspection at a NJ scale and it alerts the tax man because you didn't file the Franchise tax in that state.
    We have acquired the services of a really good accountant in the US that is very familiar with the requirements of foreign companies paying tax in various states. Every state has a different definition of what causes 'Nexus'; sometimes its miles driven, sometimes its the number of drops, we even had a couple states who cannot define it and have since returned all fees and payments until they figure it out. These accountants have worked real hard to get it nailed down.
    Feel free to PM me for the name of the accountants in NY.
  2. bellcitytransport

    bellcitytransport New Member

    What are other fleets doing in regards to Franchise tax, US Tax filling. I've read plenty on it but can't get a census on how to handle it. Rumor has it that some trucks are being seized in NJ. Just looking for some feedback.
    Thank you.

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