There were quite a few postings about payment delays and this had us worried a bit.
Therefore we set ourselves up for direct deposit and the quick pay option.

Just following up on receivables, and noticed we had an invoice @ 30 days that we asked to have quick paid. There was an error on their part and this was not done.

The nice lady in Acct. payable did a direct deposit right away without any % deductions.
hence payment received in 34 days.

We have no special rapport with them.

All the best!
Darlene ,

I was speaking to the young lady in quick pay, When she realized the mistake ( quick pay was not issued), she took care of it right away.
I received confirmation of payment via E- mail today.
It was not a big amount, only $1000.00.

I have done no more than a dozen loads with them over the past year.


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