I was given the task to gather information about factoring companies.

I was referred recently by a good source to contact Economy Finance. Does anyone know of a second factoring co. in the Concord/GTA area so i can compare rates?


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With factoring it's partly about rates and partly about the breadth of services that they can offer and the fine details of the agreement. What else can they do for you and what else you need from them kinda thing.

Off the top of my head:
Invoice Payment Systems (IPS) - talk to Cheryl
JD Factors - talk to Pauline
Royal Finance - talk to Peter

Pretty sure there are a few members here in the industry, speak up now so Henry can contact you also.

Keep well,

Jim L

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There are a lot of posts on this site about Factoring companies - a lot of good reading and insight. Take the time to read these before you make your decision. One of these posts might give you a hint on the perfect question to ask a potential Factoring company.


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My earlier post was deleted...too shamelessly promotional.:cool:

We are Liquid Capital. We focus on smaller accounts (1-10 trucks) and have a co-marketing deal with Accutrac with better rates than those posted on their website along with other services such as fuel cards and advice on how to run your company successfully.

You can be funded within 48 hours!


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