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I use them so frequently because they are always on time, they do a great job, they never ever miss inform me. The owner is often amusing, they have curtious, english speaking drivers and the rates are very reasonable for the service they provide. We are using them for 5 out of 6 lanes service. Mel is amazing, and very informative.

This is one carrier that I recommend 100 % :)
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Has anyone else experienced a massive decline in service and communication from this carrier since Mel left?
We recently offered an increase in business and I immediately regret that decision as I've got 2 shipments MIA for 2 days and the reply we receive is "I can't reach my driver(s) at all".

I'm seriously shocked as I always held them and their service levels on a bit of a pedestal.

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Yes !
Mel was great. She understood her limits and worked within them. If Mel said she could do it... it got done. There is a sarcastic little douchebag named Jordan there now... who I understand is the owners son. So, things probably aren't likely to change any time soon.
yup - agree with the comment about Jordan..... unfortunately been on our DNU list for a while now - ever since Jordan arrived and screwed us...Jeff and Nancy better watch out or that (paraphrase from above) "sarcastic little douchebag" is going to put them out of business.


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We have noticed their availability has been a little soft lately but Jordan has been there for quite some time ( at least 2 years that I know of) and we haven't noticed that kind of attitude in our dealings with him though. He has been straight with us. Will have to monitor though by the sounds of it. Melanie was GREAT to work with though as stated above.


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My shipments are delivered, now to see how much trouble we are in with the consignees...

I'm going to have to follow up with Jordan and see if he intends to improve communication in the future, this can not happen again.

Thanks all, I'm sort of glad it's not just my shipment.

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