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Can anyone comment on this carriers service?

eShip One Inc.
8837 Mississauga Road
Brampton ON L6Y 0C2


I only used them once. While they did pick up and deliver on time, it was a bit of a mess and product arrived damaged. They claimed improper packaging but refuse to send a letter to that affect to deny the claim. They said as soon as it arrived on "their" dock in MN they knew it would get damaged and instead of saying anything or holding it on the dock they shipped it out anyways.

Shipper was a bit of a nutter and kept changing the dims so eShipOne was instructed to go and take whatever freight the shipper had that could fit. Customer only needed a fraction of what was being ordered and really didn't care if they had to ship in 2 trucks/different days. Instead eso decided to call the shipper and make some after hours deal to pick up with another driver that had more room.

So on 1 hand, sure they did a good job making arrangements etc to get all the freight, on the other hand, they didn't listen/do anything that was agreed to and pretty much intentionally damaged freight knowing the customer didn't need it.

So I guess it's your call if they are good or bad lol!
Just used them, will not use again. They make promises that they can't keep. The tracing department was a fiasco. We asked for a Monday delivery, paid the rate they requested, they were honest and said Monday probably wouldn't happen but said they would have it delivered at 8 am Tuesday morning without fail. Where our freight was delivering was 8 miles from their cross docking facility; when we called on Tuesday to see if their driver was on site, we were told that the driver was delayed at the first delivery and would deliver in the afternoon. Our people couldn't accept it in the afternoon so we made arrangements for delivery at 8 am Wednesday and they still couldn't pull that off. Shipment was 3 and a half hours late on the Wednesday morning
My experience with this is they double broker and don't pay .
you call and the dispatcher will tell you that he can't be bothered and to call his uncle who told me we charged him to much and he will not pay.


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Never on time. Tracing is a disaster, if they answer the phone. Your freight does eventually get picked up but they don't seem to know where it is! DNU!
Thanks everyone for the updates on here saved me from them. They just called looking for freight we had and luckily we check here first. TCC on link is at 49 so they not paying suppliers at all or timely. Dispatcher told me they never sell freight or broker..........odd from the thread posted on here hahahaha. Thanks for all your help friends.
I have had a different experience. I gave Majid in dispatch two shipments in the last month and they did a great job. One was an inbound from MN, went off without a hitch. The last one was Friday pick-up and I was really under pressure to deliver by noon Monday (large LTL), they were at customers dock at 11:00, will use again for sure. Regards
Thanks Gord
when they have finally delivered my freight I will tell you the events that I have had to deal with since last week
absolutely horrendous
The worst carrier I have ever dealt with.........It's A DISASTER. This July 4th, 4 to 5 trailers full of cargo apparently stayed in MN from the previous week's pickups. As of Wednesday midweek still inMN.

we've stopped using them as well for this stuff. The owner called me a while back to apologize and explain the issues they were having with their MN and CT areas and went on to say how he is working on a call centre to handle dispatch in india i believe it was... Once there is an issue - they all seem to dissappear which is by far the worst thing you can do ! we've short paid on several invoices and they didn't complain - now on the DNU


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