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They triple brokered our goods. Threatened to go after our shippers if we didn’t pay them even though they didn’t do the load.

We called them a bazillion times for updates for the pick up (which their agent picked up late) and then because the shipper told us who picked up - we called the agent directly for updates while Eco-Trans was getting updates from them at the same time... hilarious!

Then brought in copies in color of bols and said they were original - they are a piece of work.


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Every time Eco trans has called me on a posting they price really high. Always had an idea they were double brokering just based on their rates. You just confirmed my intuitions.
Was the dispatcher named Gary?? He just called me on shipment going to North Bay for a customer. Quoted me a number and transit time would be 2-3 days. I guess enough time to double broker a local shipment. Lol.
Be very cautious - you have been warned... Gary and Joanne run this operation.
North Bay options: Martin Roy Trucking, G&S and Pro-North - Good luck!
we took a job from BT United in October. - bill remains unpaid. I contacted the customer and she advised she paid ECO Trans for this load.
so we did the job and get screwed.
sigh sigh sigh
Well earlier this week one of my logistic coordinators got a call from Ecotrans, and booked 4 skids heading our east w/tailgate at delivery. The rate was so low, that in itself should have been a red flag. Well like always while you are really busy you miss things, and I was out, and finally got a look at his docs to vet him and saw no carrier docs whatsoever. Did a simple search on Google of his name with inside transport and here I am replying to this thread.

Thank goodness it was not long after the booking, and we just cancelled and rebooked. But I have come across this guy before in the past and caught him in the past before the shit hit the fan.

Ecotrans insisted he was a carrier, yet no docs, and no member listing on Loadlink, thats a big issue with me. We figured out that he is the same guy under Lemelin transport, same phone and fax and same first name as contact.

So this individual is using his Lemelin Transport, that has an NIR and uses his account under Loadlink to collect freight and broker it, in our case to double broker it.

Where I have a real issue, is that I don't need to book freight with another guy who is simply double broker it. We have a very strick policy against it. We all know how those issues end up, but what make my blood boil is when they lie about being a carrier under the guise that he just wants to broker my freight out.

Please chime in....


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Hello All, just looking see if this is the same carrier as:
Ecotrans group inc
98 shore view place , Unit 10, Stoney Creek
MC # 89582 - phone # 289-448-0227
contact was Daniel & Marko.
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that website I don't believe belongs to Ecotrans group in Stoney.
The one is Stoney is owned by Daniel and there is another Eco Trans in QC that this thread is about, the one in Stoney creek has no affiliation
It is the website they provided with their carrier package. I'm thinking maybe there's another company trying to use the same name? You are saying that you used EcoTrans Group in the past, located 10-98 Shoreview Place? They are legit?


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