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There are postings on there service failures but i think as far i a know johnny does pay his bills, but does not know how arrogant avi is to customers and to carriers, i personnaly stopped calling there postings that have his name not worth it, too cheap to put up with his attitude
Be careful...as a carrier they love to double broker...they post all over US back into Western Canada..then broker the US portion to another carrier back to their dock in Misissauga...without sharing that info w/ the innitial load broker.
They are getting very slow at paying their carrier as well used to be 45 days now we have an outstanding invoice that is 65 days old.
fed up.

I recently stopped calling on their inbound loads. if it's a Frday, they want it to their dock Saturday because their truck will be leaving for the west with it. no special renumeration. the saturday delivery is simply expected. Once it suited us to go by on the Saturday....we did... 11:45am or something ... nobody there to unload their shipment. super! The next time I called they started with the Saturday bit again. I told them are you kidding me! that was it. I don't call any more. For a carrier themselves, I have no idea how they figure they can treat carriers this way on inbound.
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Do a search on Group East West, there are a lot of conflicting viewpoints and stories, you will have to really watch them to see which story you end up adding to the mix.

Be very careful of this company. The reason there rates are cheap and they have so many service failures is because they pool there freight and ship it on the rail. They have trucks that load in the greater GTA take the shipments to CN and out west it goes. This is why they cant deliver to smaller communities out west.
I used to have a great relationship with Avi, probably still do, I just don't call for their freight anymore. I never had any arrogance or attitude problems with him at all, not even a hint of it.

The reason they are on my DNC list now is their payment terms are brutal. 80+ days does not cut it. When I went in to pick up a cheque they said was ready for 4 invoices, they actually only paid 1, not even worth the trip out there.


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This seems to be a carrier that is hard to get a good understanding of. I know that my office uses their services fairly regularly for shipments from the GTA to Western Canada. Yes, we know it goes via the rail and as a result we don't give them anything time sensitive. Knowing that they only have trucks here in the GTA, we don't offer them shipments originating in the US, we arrange that part of the trip ourselves for drop-off at their dock. For the most part, their service, under these conditions, is OK. If they could speed-up their payables, maybe they wouldn't be appearing on so may DNU lists.


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