Eagle Heights Transportation Inc.

Yes back in business with new partner. Need to send request to load link about their default payment.
Did u receive the package from his lawyer.

Eagle Heights, Rockover and NJ transport will call you on every shipment you post to Canada west coast and back to the east coast, will call you from different numbers.
I dont know how it didnt came into brokers attention. I submitted complaint along with proofs to Link and Brokers Panel and many carriers based out of GTA. Already updated 850+ carriers about this and many were victim. Also brokers like G rouch etc need some attnetion who call their double brokerage as co-brokering.
I have 2 cellphone number from a past fraud for which they never showed up in court in April. I don,t know if they still work. Amber manager (647) 208-1481 and Jawad Hassan , owner (647) 208-0454
They took a load, didnt deliver for a month. Claimed they delivered. Sent a blank POD. Can't get a hold of Amber. They defn double broker. On our DNU
We had a similar situation in August over some LTL from BC to ON. Load was traced, and confirmed delivered by Amber, but it never was. After daily calls (Amber gets a healthy amount of time off by the way) we finally tracked down the LTL, it took the owner of the company another week to finally deliver our freight....in his pick up.


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