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Does anybody have any updated information with this company, they are currently are on a load for us and we cannot get a hold of them , there phone lines have been disconnected as of today, they have done work for us in the past and have no issues, any information would be greatly appreciated

Thank you
David Carey
Carey Leasing Ltd
519-676-0868 ext 7


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Sorry to hear this bad news Dave.

We've disabled them a long time ago for repeat service failures.

I have an email on file (maybe they are just having phone issues?):


Hope this helps, hope your shipment delivers soon.

Keep well,



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Same... They're on our DNU...

Caught them double brokering...

Email addy I have is...ronen@ettransport.net


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I believe somehow that E.T. Transport and transportationservices.ca are related somehow. If that is indeed the case, double brokering should be no surprise whatsoever.


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Thanks for all of your info, they are definately on our DNU list, still no answer from them on load status, or delivery update, how do these people stay in business

Thanks again for all replies
Dave Carey
Carey Leasing Ltd


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Thank you Theman, the Transportation Services .ca worked , I am not sure what the deal is over there but they are listed as Transportation Services .ca on the Link and answer the phone ET Transport, they had 20 different excuses why they could not update the load status on our shipment and why they now have a different phone number, our load did get delivered " Thank God " but they are on our DNU list for sure I guess they do not understand good communication is necessary.

Thanks again for everybodies help

Dave Carey
Carey Leasing Ltd


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Any of you on Linkedin?

You should see them. Anytime anyone blogs anything about a piece of freight crossing the border or within Canada ... and most of those ARE brokers ... they are all over it. Claim to be asset based. Yes, I think they have 5 crappy looking trucks or something ... but definitely working the 'double broker thing'.


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12 shipments since 07-19-12 only one issue that stuck me bad, dropped load using driver heart attack back in 2014 but we are sure they just couldn't cover load as details they would give were very sketchy so we keep on short leash (with van division)

Flat bed side never an issue

Something seems a bit fishy with this company....

First, Mario speaks to the people that signs the checks like they are dogs and an inconvenience to his day. Second, Roman (apparently the owner) is telling his staff to not give out his last name.... is Roman hiding for some reason? Does Mario behave this way when he messes up a shipment? Bunch of clowns! ON MY DNU, stay away from these goofs or else you'll end up losing a customer like I just did.
ET did a load for me last week. There were shipping issues and driver was patient. Dealt with Inga, communication was good and load delivered on time.


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