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Be careful of these clowns from Brampton , If you are selling these guys a load it is a good chance it will not land on their equipment, We caught them today double brokering a load from a client of ours, I hope I didn't offend anybody as the last time I mentioned the company was from Brampton I was almost crucified for mentioning that it was another company from Brampton scamming a load

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Hey DWC,

Are you able to please check and confirm full company name, address and phone #? There's some similar sounding companies out there and people doing a search on this site should be sure they are reading about the correct company.

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Hi Mike

This is the only info I have with these guys

Dynamic Freight Haulers
Brampton Ontario
Ph 905 497 6633
officer Bhupinder Sandhu


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Thank you,

Dynamic Fright Haulers/ 2210310 Ontario Inc.
7 Hackberry Gate
Brampton, ON
L6R 2E7

I've reviewed the last shipment they did for us (low volume carrier) and find an ACI E-Manifest was submitted to us although we do not require it with the POD including cargo control number, PARS and entry number. Is that conclusive that they hauled 'this' load?

Either way, worth keeping an eye on them if they were caught trying to rebook a load given to them with the expectation that they would haul it!

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They have a small office also in a little strip mall at Bramhurst and Nugget Crt. Don't deal with them but have passed by a few times.


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