Drivers hourly wage GTA vs The rest of the province


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I'm just looking to see what drivers are being paid these days in our industry. In terms of a driver I'm referring to an operator of a daycab hauling a dry van doing pick ups and deliveries from business to business. Our business is in Simcoe county and we are paying $17/hour. I understand GTA drivers get paid more but how much more. I'm hearing between $20-25? What are drivers getting paid in your region?


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The hourly rate is generally the first thing we use to compare compensation, however we need to look at the total package. Is there a benefit program, how much does the employee pay? Are there union dues? Is the equipment safe and comfortable? Are there a lot of hand bombs and store deliveries? Are they treated fairly and with respect? Some carriers who pay the high end of the scale might have less hours per week available and wipe out any increase.
The hourly rate is a good place to start comparing, but if you have low turnover and relatively content drivers you are probably close to where you need to be.
Pay increases should be treated like rate increases. Small yearly increases of a few percentage points are easier to accept and absorb than trying to catch up after a few years with a big adjustment.


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FYI - Day & Ross hires owner operator for local GTA and GMA work at 50$ per hour.
Thought I should share cause it doesnt make sense.
We are at around 24-25$ here I think. Sorry handling logistics so don't have the exact number for the transport side....:-/


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Hi Misto,

I believe that $50/hr number it total D+R pays to the O/O. So the O/O has to PAY all their expenses out of that money. I think. :)


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