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Driver fined for smoking

Discussion in 'Ontario Trucking Association' started by CanadaOnly, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. CanadaOnly

    CanadaOnly New Member

    Sounds too complicated to smoke anymore...
  2. Paul Shteyn

    Paul Shteyn Moderator Staff Member

  3. faey06

    faey06 Site Supporter

    No doubt everyone heard about the driver fined for smoking in his cab. Just received this from the OTA ... this is part of the e-mail:-
    "However, federally regulated carriers are not subject to the provisions of the Smoke Free Ontario Act. (Any carrier whose trucks leaves Ontario to operate in any other jurisdiction is federally regulated). This is not a general exemption for all federally regulated trucking companies, it means that while federally regulated carriers are not subject to the Smoke Free Ontario Act, they are subject to the Federal Government’s Non-smokers Health Act. Details of the NSHA can be found at: . The key distinction here is that under the federal law, employers can still have designated ‘smoking areas” which the Ontario does not allow for. In practical terms, this means that carriers can have designated “smoking trucks”. Smoking drivers working for federally regulated companies can therefore smoke in cabs, just so long as non-smoking drivers are not required to drive in cabs that smokers have been driving in. "

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