Domak Transportation

New broker!! They pay their bills within the terms!! I have done 10 loads with them and all were paid within 10 days of sending the POD and invoice!! Professional and nice. FINALLY good people to do business with. Located in Kirkland.


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As a marketing company that is looking to stick around, that should be one of their FIRST investments. It really doesn't take much. You can go to and do it pretty cheap and if you give it a little patience, you can even build it yourself.

It's only one you add stuff like e-commerce solutions and track-trace where you have a real expense to it.

Pretty much all brokers, legit or not, start out paying real fast so they build up some credit in the industry, once they have it if they're not in it honestly it pretty much starts going down the toilet 6 months or so in.

Sorry, I'm just calling it like I have seen it SO many times.


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