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Paul Shteyn

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This list was complied in no particular order: feel free to review these companies

Dispatch Software

ROADVision Canada
384 Rossmore Blvd., Burlington, ON, L7N 1S1
Computac Incorporated

Avaal Technology Solutions
2 Automatic Road, Unit 110, Brampton, ON, L6S 6K8
905-595-1313, 1-877-995-1313
Avaal Brampton, Toronto, Specializing in ACE emanifest CTPAT Logistics Dispatch Truck Carrier Computer Training and Dispatch Trucking Software

Loadpoint Logistics
71 McLaren Rd, Campbellville, ON, L0P1B0
(905) 307-5128
LoadPoint Login

Arcline (2000) Inc.
1989 Commerce Park Drive, Innisfil, ON, L9S 4A3
705-431-2028, 800-364-4905
Trucking Dispatch and Freight Broker Software | Arcline 2000

Miradev Inc
12640 48th ave., Montreal, QC, H1E 2G4
miraDev inc.

Rotella Software
897 Trudeau Drive, Milton, ON, L9T 5T6
(289) 878-9926
Dispatching Software, Trucking Software, Mileage Software, Transportation Software, Routing Software, Fueltax Software, Driverlog Software, and Logistics Software for Truckers, Companies, Shippers, and Brokers.

Tailwind Management Systems Inc.
Unit C - 12343 104th Ave, Surrey, BC, V3V3H2
604-583-2266, 1-800-441-0441
Trucking Software, Dispatch Software, Freight Broker Software, Logistics Software | Tailwind Systems

Em Data Consultants Inc.
42 Queen Street South, Suite 201, Mississauga, ON, L5M 1K4

Axon Trucking Software
15 Innovation Boulevard #304, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 2X8
306-249-5050, 1-800-567-8385
Trucking Software and Dispatch Software

Freight Logix Inc.
300-247 North Service Road, Oakville, ON, L6M 3E6

Accord Software
390 Edgeley Blvd., Concord, ON, L4K 3Z6
Trucking Software | TL-LTL software | Transportation Management Software - Accord Software





Mercury Gate

and a bunch of others, including Link's package also.
Thanks AMA for compiling that List.
Can anyone please review this.. Kindly review only if you are using it.

If you could tell us pros and cons of the software they are using or have used in past it will be highly appreciated.


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Freight Logic

We use Freight Logic, now Known as Accellos, very user friendly, click- double click type program. Trip based system.


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Use UFOS - it's ok.
The good: it has capability to be integrated with a bunch of other software for accounting, PC Miler for counting miles, etc. It's fairly easy to input data, it's easy to learn and the search capabilities are insanely wide. Quick example - my boss likes to give me very random and vague information because he needs me to give him a customer name and phone # who we dealt with once, around maybe 8 years ago, in some specific lane he may or may not remember. I can find it, no problem, even with weird/vague information.

short on time now, will edit and continue review later....
We have used UFOS for 4 years now, I had used it before in a Third Party environment which is what it was tailored for. As Mlar noted below the Search functions are what makes this program. Very easy to find info, rates, previous history using any criteria used in a previous work order, city shipped from , carrier used, detailed date reporting and others. The overall reporting is good also, for showing costs, margins, history, etc. You can adjust the Dispatch board to suit you and include what info you want to see and in what order so as a dispatch guy thats a big plus. On the minus side there are a some redundant features and duplicity that could be streamlined. While they are good to make adjustments ( though mostly at a cost$) they are not 'Transport' guys by nature so some of the development seems to have been created without much true experience sitting at a dispatch desk. If you mostly use your own trucks as we do it takes some patience and thought in setting it up to avoid overwork. Before I got UFOS I created my own system based on databases which is basically what UFOS is.
have used Arcline for a few years, good brokerage program but terrible if you have trucks, with today's electronic flow of information Arcline does not do any of it very well, trip board will not submit ACE or ACI if you have more than one shipment on the truck. Very hard to filter out information that is not needed.

Best Dispatch software I have ever used is

Fleet Manager
44 Corporate Court

Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1G 5G5

Toll Free: (800) 257-9548

Local: (519) 763-1725

Fax: (519) 763-5508

Jim L

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I use FleetManager as well. Its very scalable to fit your needs. We are a carrier, does ACE and ACI. There are two main screens, the Trip board, where all your trucks, trailers, drivers, shipments are managed from and the Contract board where you manage brokered loads and outside carriers.

The only thing it will not let you do is mark someone's status in the future. Lets say you know that he will be empty at 6pm and you want to leave at 5 you will have to update it the next day. We used to do that before and pre-dispatch drivers but found that this method is better because something always happens - driver calls in sick, breakdown etc.

It is also a bit of a hassle if the driver hooks to a different trailer and didn't tell you and you find out a couple days later. You have to back everything out and do it all over again with the proper trailer.


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