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Customs Clearance

Discussion in 'Starting a Trucking Business' started by Paul Shteyn, Jul 27, 2016.

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  1. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    I just call all the brokers before I go home to make sure they have the paperwork and that all SHOULD be good,

    Like lowmiler I have an outside service that can do afterhours if needed but we do not use it very often. If a driver is loading that late chances are he will not cross that night anyway so I just set it up in the morning.

    I, like many others am on call 24/7 for emergencies..
  2. theman

    theman Well-Known Member

    People are usually working from laptops versus desktops so that they can log in should something go off the rails. I know that here we have after hours staff for this.
  3. MikeJr

    MikeJr Moderator Staff Member

    We deal with a number of carriers and find that some will call us after hours if there is an issue (meaning they have someone actively working on it from the office, from home, or from the truck, we have our 24 hour dispatch number on our load sheets that allows us to help carriers get our shipments together set up.

    That being said, sometimes our freight will sit on a dock or in a trailer over a weekend because they couldn't be bothered to pick up the phone and call us. We're here to help, we're here to reach out to an exporter/importer if new paperwork is required or if a customs broker has some issue with the clearance.

    Bottom line: the sensitive freight, that which 'needs' to get there, freight where we NEED to be contacted with any delays go to carriers that have the ability to service us and our clients properly. Note - those shipments usually have a higher price tag, so really you pay for what you get! :)

    Keep well,
  4. lowmiler88

    lowmiler88 Site Supporter

    We have an outside service that does our clearances after hours and they do a good job. We also have someone on call 7/24 for any issues.
  5. Igor Galanter

    Igor Galanter Active Member

    Smaller and midsize companies still have someone on call for after hours or weekend anyway.
    It is a matter of budget and type of runs company does.
  6. Seth Allen

    Seth Allen New Member

    Probably only the bigger fleets, most smaller places I wouldn't think do.
  7. Paul Shteyn

    Paul Shteyn Moderator Staff Member

    How many transport companies have a after hours person that work till 10-11pm making sure everyone is cleared?

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