Customer asking for our W8, but now our T. I. N. number?


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Hi All, we have a situation where we had a client asking for our W8 which we are good with providing and did but now they are asking for our T. I. N. number but we do not have one? Is this something we can register for even though we don't have any kind of tax payments that we're liable for in the USA?


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Did you file a WBEN-8? This is the form that foreign corporations file with US companies to avoid the 30% withholding tax that would otherwise be applied. If you did, you do not have to apply for, or submit a TIN or ITIN (individual tax identification number). If your client is reluctant or doesn't have much tax experience with payments to foreign corporations, offer them your 9 digit Social Insurance Number. I have found that in most cases, they are trying to reduce their potential exposure to US tax liabilities. Providing them with this info can assist them in proving that they performed their "due diligence" in the event they were ever audited by the IRS.
W8BEN is for individuals. For corporations, it should be W8BEN-E. There is difference between them. And it is about 8 pages long to complete. but all the information does not apply to every one specially, trucking.


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Correct. I forgot to add the E. Although it is a considerably longer form, there are only a very few sections to complete. Transaction, I believe we engaged in this same discussion a year or two ago. If you Google "W8BEN-E, Canada", there are a couple of good sites (not the IRS ones) that give details as to how a Canadian company should complete it. They also make reference to your TIN (ITIN) question.
Those sites charge you (some one told me, close to $100). Not hard to figure it out once you start going through the form


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No, no, no. I don't mean a site that does the form for you. I found a couple of just general info sites that explain in plain English what to do. You are absolutely correct, completing the form is relatively easy. There is no need at all, to pay someone to do it for you.


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