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Curious Question -Carrier's only please

Discussion in 'Business Strategy' started by thebluffs1, Nov 1, 2016.

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  1. martinetav

    martinetav Well-Known Member

    I have heard that it is the personal hygiene practices of certain groups of people that have brought this on. This is according to articles in some transportation magazines.
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  2. Igor Galanter

    Igor Galanter Active Member

    The first thing I have heard from store manager: cost of maintaining a lot...
  3. whatiship

    whatiship Well-Known Member

    Their loss, there are hundreds of thousands of truck drivers who shop at Walmart. You would think they would be a little more accommodating especially when the store is closed. I guess some legal guy in Arkansas saw some potential liability and put an end to it.
  4. martinetav

    martinetav Well-Known Member

    We've had drivers who were given a 'how much time you have before you need to be gone or we'll tow you' notice
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  5. Igor Galanter

    Igor Galanter Active Member

    Whatiship, they still do if a policy in place..Although, I naven't seem RV's having a problem.
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  6. whatiship

    whatiship Well-Known Member

    If the store is still open when driver gets there, driver should go in and buy something cheap and ask if he can park for a few hours. They are less likely to tow away a customer.
  7. DWC

    DWC Active Member

    Thank you snafu, That's good to know, Our drivers have said on occasion that there has been "No Trucks" posted at the Walmart entrance and not using them in that case but most have not been an issue so far

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  8. snafu

    snafu Active Member

    Be careful with using Walmart to park..a lot of them no longer allow truck parking and many will ticket and tow.

    I've seen several instances where a driver has had a boot locked on a steer tire by the towing company enforcement and it's never cheap to have it removed
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  9. DWC

    DWC Active Member

    We do pay for the reserve parking for our drivers , Same as Rob's drivers , Our drivers pay for it out of their float then we reimburse back to top their float off, Our drivers are telling us that the area that they think they are going to end up for the night they will google to find the closest Walmart to sleep as it seems to be more accessible at night for parking then most truck stops for parking, Most Walmarts are well lit so there is some certain degree of feeling safe when sleeping there and there is a Walmart just about everywhere you go these days and seem to be more plentiful then Pilots, Loves or TA

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  10. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    Driver get s a receipt on the road they pay it out of their float and we top it back up when they get to the yard. Most of our guys sleep at the customers dock most of the time.
  11. Michael Ludwig

    Michael Ludwig Well-Known Member

    If the driver has to pay, we pay.
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  12. snafu

    snafu Active Member

    Where I'm at the company reimburses and/or pays for all reserved parking whether it be a company truck or an owner operator.

    Personally I only use it when necessary such as any trip involving the eastern seaboard or a spot like Seattle where parking is essentially non existent..
    But I'm a big fan of the idea..knowing that typically the reserved parking spots are set aside in an area where the truck is much less likely to be hit and that I have a spot waiting takes that added stress off my shoulders.
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  13. We have put policy in place to reimburse all parking expenses incurred by a driver. This is our step towards providing them with a safe resting place and ultimately our due diligence.
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  14. martinetav

    martinetav Well-Known Member

    Do we really have a choice? e-logs are going to make that the 'rule' and not the exception. C-TPAT/PIP are also a factor. Our drivers are having more and more difficulty finding parking. They are telling tales of as many as three to four places before actually finding a spot. Sometimes they still have a little time on their logbooks at the first spot but have no time left by the time they finally find one.
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  15. whatiship

    whatiship Well-Known Member

    Please explain what you mean by 'reserved/premium" parking. If you are referring to calling ahead to to reserve a more secure spot for the night in an area known for problems then it is probably a good investment. Like anything, as long as it is not abused and is cost effective, I don't see why you wouldn't pay a small amount to protect the safety of your driver and cargo.
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  16. dontgetit

    dontgetit Member

    we do, elogs coming hard to tell driver to find a free spot, also CTPAT/PIP came into discussion so thats another angle
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  17. thebluffs1

    thebluffs1 Site Supporter

    Whats your take on reimbursing drivers for "reserved/premium" parking. Is it something you do all time/periodically/never?

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