Continental Freight Movers - Oshawa, ON

Anyone has background with them?

New carrier for us, first load they had issues with the truck, wanted to pick-up a day later. The following day I had a hard time getting updates which seemed to be inconsistent, driver finally made it late at night. Second load went fine, but now third one looks like they're feeding us bullshit again.

Not sure if they're double brokering or just not that good of a carrier.


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Same here. They offered 45 days, not 30.but we took the Quick payment @ 5 points as it was our first time dealing with them. No probs at all.( The loads they gave us were not Canada Post or Molson but a client out of Mississauga .


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A few things:
1) the name of the company looks to me like a broker, not carrier
2) how does a company have so many high profile clients (Canada Post, Molson) without even having an online presence in 2016

If you try to find them on SAFER, there is nothing either.

Come on, people!


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They did not give us Canada Post or Molson. I don't want to release what might be considered a privacy issue, i will say it was a small manufacturing company. Having said that, Ive seen Molson and Canada Post use many carriers at certain times of the year. We have even moved some of their overflow from these clients directly, or through other carriers/ brokers.


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Larger companies like Canada Post or Molson definitely vet out partners that they invite to RFPs ... they don't just allow everyone in, even though some would like to believe this. Buyers always check out our online presence and usually check me out on LinkedIn too. So it screams double broker, and paying everyone quick at first is one of the oldest tricks in the book in freight brokerage scamming.
Can you share any contact info for these guys? I can't seem to find any information on them. I interviewed with a company in Oshawa recently, and they were the shadiest group I'd ever met. So bad, they wouldn't give me any info on the company, just told me they are looking to set up a new company in a few months. The office was completely bare as though they are ready to walk in a minutes notice.
This company is double brokering loads. We caught them as the carrier they hired, we have a good relationship with and contacted us as they had previously done the same shipment. Without naming names, "dispatch" denied it until confronted by the carrier they hired, at which point they explained that "their" driver was unable to take the load so they sold it as not to have a service failure. If that was truly the case, simply making us aware of the situation and allowing us to either recover the load or to give them permission to double broker it would have been the professional way.


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I've been giving them loads for just over a year most were picked up from my dock. Never had any double brokering issues. They were late a couple times for delivery with notice though. But hey welcome to the trucking industry if everything went as planned I wouldn't need to come in to work half as much as I do
This company is still at the double broker game. Caught them this morning trying to double broker a reefer load from Montreal to Langley. Another broker had the load posted. I checked with the other load broker and Continental booked it and finally cancelled but not before they called me and tried to book it with me. Troy is an absolute sleeze ball over there. So this goes back to before Christmas when they blatantly double brokered a load I gave them from Saskatoon to Montreal. Truck arrived late and was not their truck. Again not to be trusted. Stay clear of them it won't be there load.

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We have dealt with Troy and other staff there numerous times in the last year and a half. Never had an issue with them other than the odd late pick up and delivery. I have personally seen their trucks when picking up in our yard in Bolton and their driver was very professional. I have had no proof of double brokering from them at all yet.
Have had issues with a few others but I will not name them here.
Moved 9 of their loads. Quick pay no problem. I have also given them 11 loads. Never had any issues or heard back from any carrier. If carriers take our freight and double broker, we make sure they pay the end carrier always.


Trying to get us to move a load for them from Jordan Station to record of them on the link or

Wondering should we accept load or not ?
We have given them several moves without issue.( one late due to BC avalanche, but understandable) We have moved several loads for them and paid within terms( 45 days) You might want to avoid the 5 percent Quick payment fee though.


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We have had no problems thus far, we just picked up payment from Troy for our sister company yesterday. Payment was 40 days from pod.
Can I get a phone number for this company, been trying to get a Signed POD for the last 2 weeks no response from anyone and 905-720-0606 always busy


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