Consolidated Carrier Systems - Ignoramus? You Decide

I booked 10 skids on Thursday morning with Consolidated Carrier Systems going cross border. My city truck went in for the pick up and the Manager said he would not release the freight because there was a problem with getting the right address for the receiver. Sounds reasonable.

So I called Consolidated Carrier Systems and told them of our dilemma. He told me in a very loud and irritated voice "You've spoken with the Manager before on our previous shipment so arrange everything with him and don't bother me with any more problems. So I said sorry not a problem and will do. Talked to the shipper again and he advised that I should call him on Friday to see if he could release the freight.

So Friday came around and I called the shipper around 9:00 AM. He told me nothing yet but call back in 2 hours. I called back at 11:00 AM and the shipper said yes we're good to go send the truck in to pick it up. So I sent the city truck in to pick it up.

Then the shit hit the fan.

The city driver called and told me that the Manager said he cannot release the freight to us. So I called the Manager and he said the broker took us off the load and to get our truck out of there. I called Consolidated Carrier Systems again asked him what was going on. He advised me that because "I didn't call him that he re-booked the load with a different carrier". I asked him if he remembered our conversation about how I shouldn't bother him again, and I explained to him how I stayed in contact with the shipper and made the necessary arrangements to re-pick the freight when it was ready. Consolidated Carrier Systems response was "You call when your not supposed to and you don't call when your supposed to" and he doesn't have time to deal with this so just bill him the miss picks.

So now its Friday around 1:30 PM and I now have a 10 Skid hole in my truck, :confused: which I had passed on other freight since Thursday morning

Did I do something wrong????
My boss assured me that I didn't do anything wrong.

I wonder where this broker learned how to do business. Obviously he has no conception of the practical side of trucking and what is involved (Especially since he probably covered the load while he was hitting the post button on Loadlink, with all lines holding).

I guess to sum it up, if the econemy doesn't improve a fair bit, then us as Carriers are at the mercy of the Load Broker and there prerogative.

In summary booking 10 skids with Consolidated Carrier Systems isn't any good since at anytime, he could just pull the freight from you and give it to a cheaper carrier after going to pick it up twice.


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Based on your description of the events, I would have to say that you did what you were asked to do. There does seem to be a breakdown in communication between all 3 parties, especially on the part of the broker. In some cases, having the carrier arrange a mutually convenient pick-up time with the shipper makes sense. However, the party who is ultimately responsible for making sure the pick-up takes place is the broker - it is his customer and he should be looking out for their best interests. Lets face it - the carrier has other freight to take care of as well as the broker's and shouldn't be saddled with an unreasonable amount of "babysitting" time. In my opinion, the broker should have followed-up with you even after giving you the go ahead to make all the arrangements.


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I think you did more than what was asked of you. You were hired to haul his freight... not co ordinate with his shipper. As a broker I never send a carrier in to pick up a load with out speaking with the shipper first to ensure that everything is in order.

This broker sounds like a jerk... or maybe just having a bad couple of days.

No - you did nothing wrong.
is this the Burlington one or markam? Names to close to the same. If its the markam one you saved yourself some time trying to collect your money.

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I also think you were more than accommodating with this broker, and he behaved poorly. If he cancelled your truck then he should have contacted you right away..not when you arrived at the shipper. If I were you I would not do business with them again. Clearly they are amateurs and not in it for the long haul..they will be gone'll see.


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