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Conrad Fafard hauls Peat loads from NB, QC and Ont into the US, they pay within 14 days (which is unheard of).
Anyone hauled their loads in the past from NB, QC or Ont ?,and what are the locations like for picking up from??


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Cheap is not the word for these loads. they used too load them behind the Husky in Saint Catherines at an outside dock bags are dirty and loads are heavy.
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We used to load these loads by the dozen out of their Drummondville facility. They paid by the pallet and they would load you to the absolute max weight possible. If they would overload you, they would unload you and reload you with a few bags less... could take 1/2 a day sometimes to load that cheap crap. Back then the US $ was good to help compensate, but overall, cheap garbage delivering to garden centres...some with no docks, which you only find out when you get there. AND... sometimes they would book you for 20 pallets at $50 each. If they only end up getting 19 skids on after 4 hours of're getting docked the $50. So get a flat rate agreement, if you absolutely need garbage loads. But, they did pack quick.
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Wait till you take a load in the winter and get to delivery and find out they have no dock and nobody to offload. Then you find out the freight is frozen to your floor because the freight was left outside at the shippers end and got wet. Then you can thank your lucky pants you have a great driver that is willing to pry each individual skid apart from the floor of your trailer with a cro-bar and a hammer. Peat Moss loads are not worth it even for $4/mile (not that you would get that) to me.(sorry after re-reading this it sounds a little harsh...but that's our experience with peat moss loads)
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We have been hauling their freight for a few years.
Again, only when we are short freight. They load out of Beloeil QC , and we have yet to have a problem with any load. Never had a surprise. But then we follow up and make sure to get the consignees details before departure.
The loads pay on the lower side but not bad for long distances.
You will have check in hand in $US within 20 days.


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