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Anyone having problems collecting from Chargo Fast Cargo - 2700 Slough Street - Mississauga 905-696-9898.

Small invoice from August - left many messages for Debbie in A/P - faxes also - hasn't replied to one...have other loads coming up for payment - getting concerned.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Good carrier

Chargo's always been great for us. We broker frieght to them all the time. They do a good job and take care of their customers. Charles is the owner. Give him a call directly I'm sure he'll straighten it out for you.
Just What I Have Heard..

Sharing Info On What I Have Heard From One Of My Customers " The Broker" Sent Chargo To Do A Local Pick And Delivery Found Out That Later They Left Waybills And A Business Card.
I am a carrier and I have drivers all the time telling me oh I gave the shipper our number as he wants rates from you. I always tell them we can't do that and have explained to them why. Sometime's it not the actual carrier that is trying to get your customer, sometimes the customer is trying to get a better deal/rate.
I am not arguing with what you have heard and said just wanted to point out the other side of it sometimes.
Could Be Have No Idea

It Could Have Happened That Way I Have No Idea. As A Trucker Myself My Opinion Is My Customers ("brokers")are Loyal To Our Company I Tend To Be Loyal As Sh*t To Them. But Like I Said I Am Just Letting The Group Know What I Have Heard. Not Confirming Anything.

This thread should not be in Non payer it should be in Carrier Relation (DUMMY!-SCI)
Shippers are always looking for better rates and always want to see other carrier rates. As a carrier myself who has a sales force who are always looking for new customers who could have been a brokers customer sometime in the past. If a business card was droped it had to be salesman not a driver. Back soliciting only happens at the time of delivery or pick up is a NO NO! Months or years after that is not back soliciting. Most carriers have sales people and they are out pounding the doors. If you are a broker complaining that a carrier you once used is knocking on your customers door GROW UP this is called business. If your customer leaves you go out and get another one. The carriers that only rely on the Link don't last long!


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Update is needed!

Looks like they moved to 75 Medulla Avenue Etobicoke ON M8Z 5L6.

Anyway... first time working with them. This morning, we picked up a load for them and run into issue (long story). Now I am concerned that their promise "you will be paid in 30 days" could be just another lie.

So any recent history on those guy? payment history?

Thank you.

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We moved 8 shipments in 2017, 1 shipment in 2018 with payment days about 45 days. Payment came in as Chargo Fast Cargo by cheque. We have history to 2014 without any issues of payment. We have no outstanding invoices.

I have no problems with them.


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