CH Robinson Vaughn Strikes Again


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Aleks, 375 CDN full truckload Schenectady NY to Cambridge ON.
44,000 lbs.

Hey, at least it would be entertaining if it wasn't so "bottomfeeding"
362 miles, and tolls, nice, how am i gonna feed my children this week
I am sure Ryan and Nick do pretty well over there in Vaughan. It's unfortunate the Vaughan tornado didn't clean things over there.

CH Robinson Vaughan and their rude employees take freight from a US network of CHRW agents and re-broker the freight for as little as possible, the cheaper they get truckers to haul their freight, the more they can keep when they get their bi-montly commision. By now must of us are aware about CH ROBINSON VAUGHAN.

Their rates do NOT reflect oil at 74$ a barrel and all of our expenses.
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