Certain Trucking

Mar 3, 2016
Three shipments were given two years ago, three different fake stories like I was born yesterday, then she back door one of my customers, later my customer told me she called. so not good at all in my books sorry I don't write bad much but sometimes just can't hold myself.
and nothing changed after two years, she did exactly same to one of my known. for me, she is nothing but full of lies. she may be good for others but not for me and my known.
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Jan 21, 2010
Georgetown, Ontario
I don't believe they would do this, we work with them on repeat lanes and also random ones. Never a call to the customer. I've been to their office twice (and before you go and judge, yes it's part or a residence).
You are obviously upset but I just can't believe you, sorry, there's got to be more to this story.

Do any other members have experiences to share about Certain?

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Mar 3, 2016
Well, I am happy that they are with you.. and that's exactly the relation should be...
look at this way, they may be considering you because of regular business...
I have written my experience with them and I am not going to defend this.
again I am happy that they are good with you and may be good for others but not for me definitely.

Have a Good weekend.